socialCORE has a strong track record in MA research. Our current and past students, many of whom have been funded under IT Carlow’s President’s Fellowship Award, have undertaken a diverse range of projects each of which respond to and deepen our knowledge of critical issues within social care, early childhood education, youth work and allied fields.

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Research Interests

David Dowling: An Exploration of the Housing First Approach from Service Provider and Practitioner Perspectives

Sally-Anne Ennis: The Prevalence of Occupational Stress Among Post-Primary Teachers in Ireland. Are Adequate Supports in Place to Safeguard Their Mental Health and Well-Being?

Ruth Finane: An Investigation into the Role of Early Years Educators in Connecting with Babies (Birth -18 Months). What Are The Key Factors That Enrich Quality Interactions Between Adults and Babies?

Thomas Fortune: The Experiences of Young Care Leavers

Ashling Gannon: Professional Regulation of Irish Social Care: The Perspectives of Social Care Students

Zsuzsanna Kiss: The Use of Assistance/Service Dogs from a Human Rights and Animal Welfare Perspective

Dale Lacey: An Investigation of the Use of Peer Led Support Services for People Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties

Tom Manning: Gaming as Youth Work: Exploring the Role of Gaming as a Creative Tool for Fostering Social and Emotional Learning among Socially Isolated Young People

Angela McCullagh: An Examination of the Relevance and Effectiveness of Contemporary Housing Policy for Women Experiencing, or at Risk of, Homelessness in Ireland

Karolyn McDonnell: Asynchronous Online Discussion Boards as Assessment in Social Care Supervised Professional Practice

Muirean Ranta: Education for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood Education and Care: A Children’s Rights Perspective

Charlene Somers: What Constitutes a ‘Good Death’? Perspectives from The Public and Generalised and Specialised Professionals in Palliative Care

John Walsh (with healthCORE): ‘Getting to the Heart of Farmers’ Health

Nick Yates: ‘Is it Still Youth Work?’: An Investigation into the Experiences of Professionally Qualified Youth Workers employed in Social Care Settings

Muireann Ranta: socialCORE postgraduate student, Muireann Ranta, shares the significance of her child rights-based research that explores young children’s own perspectives and lived experiences of Nature under Article 29 1(e) of the UNCRC.’

If you are interested in undertaking research with socialCORE as a postgraduate student check out our current opportunities section where you will find details on IT Carlow’s President’s Fellowship awards. For examples of current and past socialCORE projects funded under this award scheme, visit current postgraduate research projects.

The Irish Research Council (IRC) has a number of postgraduate scholarships suitable for high calibre graduates interested in pursuing a career in research. Schemes include the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, the Enterprise Partnership Scheme and the Employment Based Programme. More information about these schemes can be found on the IRC website. socialCORE researchers can support you in developing your application.

President’s Research Fellowship Programme

IT Carlow established the President’s Research Fellowship Programme in order to enable and promote academic excellence. The programme supports new researchers seeking to work on exciting and challenging projects in a dynamic research environment under the committed and skilful supervision of established researchers.

Research projects are typically advertised during the second term of each academic year. Please check this page regularly or get in touch with the socialCORE director if you are interested in applying.

Current benefits

The 2-year Fellowship for a Masters by Research provides the following benefits (total for 2 years’ study)

  • Payment of tuition, capitation and examination fees valued at up to €10,000
  • A total stipend of €10,000 (paid in quarterly instalments)
  • An allowance for necessary materials / consumables associated with the project (amount set and varies with discipline area)
  • An allowance of €1,000 for travel associated with conferences / dissemination of research outputs)
  • Access to Postgraduate Conference support of up to €1500
  • Dedicated research space and facilities

Candidate requirements

The Fellowships will be of interest to the highest quality candidates and those eligible for funding as President’s Fellows will have a first-class or a 2.1 honours degree.

Students will also be expected to undertake two hours teaching per week. This will typically be to a first or second year class group. They will be supported by their supervisors/relevant module leader in this and are expected to undertake the 10-credit Level 9 module in Teaching and Learning to facilitate the development of their teaching skills.

Students are also expected to undertake other structured modules in research methods and analysis and project management, in order to build their research skills. Students will receive credit for these modules.

Application process

Approved Fellowships will be advertised on the IT Carlow website, social media and other relevant channels. The filling of the Fellowship positions will be subject to open competition. The interview board will include supervisor(s), Head of Department / Head of Faculty, socialCORE director or member and Development Department representation. Candidates may be required at interview to do a presentation demonstrating their aptitude for facilitating a class group.

Receipt of the Fellowship will be conditional on successful registration with IT Carlow and QQI for a Master’s Degree by Research.